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A collection of little love notes from some of my amazing clients!

Anneka was our sleep fairy godmother for the duration of the sleep training.  She supported us practically, emotionally and she always had our daughters’ best interests at heart.  As clients, Anneka read us so well and tailored not only her sleep program, but also her approach with us to exactly what we needed and responded to. 


Anneka comes across not only as knowledgeable and experienced, but as truly passionate about the field of infant sleep and she genuinely wants you all to get a good night’s sleep!  We can’t thank Anneka enough for giving us back our sleep!

- Roshin (Mama to 14 month old)

To say that Anneka has been a god-send for our family would not be an exaggeration in the least. We have four children, including 16-month-old twins. Until now, we never thought that we really needed a professional's help. Our attitude was always that a time will come when our babies will just automatically start to sleep better and that we just need to wait it out to get to that point. I was of the view that I would prefer to have flexibility than have my daily schedule dictated around babies' sleep. However, this time with twins & essentially a year and a half of barely any sleep, we were desperate to say the least!


Before we sought help from Anneka, there were numerous night waking’s on a daily basis, we were rocking babies to sleep, constantly second-guessing on why they were waking and crying in the night, and sometimes even sleeping on the nursery floor just to catch a few winks. Within a few days of our 2-week program, the babies were happily sleeping independently, throughout the night, in their own cots and sharing a bedroom with each other! Not just that, they were so much more fun during the days and we were able to enjoy them more because we were finally well rested. It was nothing short of a miracle.


Anneka drew up a plan for us, explained everything in great detail. She was hugely supportive throughout the process. We found her so involved at all times - she would always be just a text away. The process was very straight forward and we never felt we were asked to parent in any way other than what came naturally to us. Anneka worked with us to ensure we were comfortable and onboard with everything. She was always flexible in tweaking her input to suit our individual needs.


I have to say, this process has definitely changed my view about sleep training and shown me how liberating it is to sleep train your child. I only wish I had done this sooner in my parenting journey, rather than battle exhaustion on a daily basis and suffer miserable nights with crying, restless babies. I now feel I have ownership of my day, two happy, well-slept babies, and predictability in my life. It's truly been life changing for our whole family!

- Mubarka (Mama to 16 month old twins)

As we approached my youngest sons second birthday, I tried to leave one evening to go for a walk.  He screamed the house down rather than go back to sleep for daddy, so we knew we needed to do something! Anneka provided us with a clear routine and plan of action in order to help him get the sleep he (and us!) needed. The plan wasn’t daunting, or unobtainable, but it was the push we needed to give him the tools to help settle himself.


We couldn’t believe it when he actually slept through the night!! But he did, and although there have been ups and downs, the main takeaway is that we know he can do it (and he’s done it multiple times!) And I’m free to leave the house again!”

- Laura (Mama to 22 month old)

Anneka helped us in so many ways; helping our baby to be able to self soothe, get into a routine and have less wake ups through the night. She responded quickly, listened to our needs and gave us options to follow which we felt comfortable with. She has also kept in touch to keep up to date with how he is still getting on!

- Stephanie (Mama to 6 month old)

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